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Andrew & Al
Andrew & Al

The 2011 harvesting year marked the 26th harvest season for Westlake Harvesting. AllanWestlake  began in 1986 by harvesting various crops for farmers in his local area of N.W. Minnesota.

Two decades later Westlake Harvesting has evolved into a thriving, family-oriented business consisting of five Case Combines and five Kenworth Semi Trucks and all the necessary support equipment. We specialize in wheat, barley, beans, milo, sunflowers and corn.

At the end of April we start hauling equipment south to Oklahoma. Depending upon the ripeness of the crop, we will begin cutting wheat in mid May.

Slowly, our team works its way north as the wheat ripens, through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and eventually back to Minnesota. The wheat harvest is usually completed by the end of August and then begins the fall crops. Depending on the weather conditions, our season usually wraps up around November.

We invite you to continue exploring our webpage  which will give you specific information and pictures of our equipment, crew, coverage area and contact information. Thank You!


Al & Liz Westlake

In meiner Saesong haben wir mit folgenden Geraetschaften gewerkelt:

  • (5-6) 9120 Case IH Combines
  • (6) Kenworth Semis with 41'Wilson Trailers
  • (2) Tractors and (2) Grain Carts
  • (5) 40' Flex Drapers
  • 35' Flex Heads
  • Pick Up Headers
  • Corn Headers
  • Sunflower Headers
  • All Combines Equipped with 4-Wheel Drives
  • All Other Necessary Support Equipment( Servicetrucks etc.)

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